The Team

  • Micah Jones
  • “Hello my name is Micah and I might be your tour guide! My interests include camping, scooters, outer space, video games, kittens and beer. I once lived out of my car and played ukulele for money as I travelled the country. That was a weird time. I have a cat named Penelope. Show me pictures of your cat!”

  • Nick Grenier
  • My name is Nick Grenier. I am an eight year native of Chattanooga and have worked for Pints and Pedals since Summer 2015. Working for Pints and Pedals has allowed me to explore Chattanooga better than ever before and meet some amazing people along the way. I love  sports, music, reading, weightlifting, hiking, and exploring the outdoors throughout the Chattanooga area. I also work as a bartender at the Chattanooga Airport.

  • Ryan Long
  • Chattanooga native, Ryan, is a creative energetic musician that’s sure to lead your group in a fun one of a kind experience! When he’s not in town helping with pints and pedals, he tours with a band called Opposite Box, playing piano and trombone all over the country.

  • Rory Holler
  • Rory moved to Tennessee 11 years ago two be closer to family. He is an avid dog lover, nature enthusiast, and also has a love for languages which has resulted in him being fluent in Spanish, and conversational in French.

    He moved to Chattanooga two years ago and has fallen in love with the place.