Corporate Team Building in Chattanooga

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What is left to be said about Chattanooga that hasn’t already been said?  It doesn’t take very much googling to figure out that Chattanooga is on the up-and-up.  In 2018, Chattanooga made the top 10 Best US destinations to Visit and is also in the New York Times Top 25.  That’s great for visitors, but what does the business scene look like?

Some of the largest employers in Chattanooga include Erlanger Hospital, BlueCross BlueShield of TN, and the Hamilton County School System.  Those 3 organizations alone account for over 16,000 jobs! At lunchtime through the week you will see these employees scavenging the streets looking for food! You’ll also see TVA, EPB, Unum, City of Chattanooga and small business employees walking around Chattanooga looking for some grub!  Love it! Other great employers of Chattanooga would include Volkswagen, Amazon, and McKee Foods – home of the Little Debbie snack cake!

Perhaps you’re curious about the tech or entrepreneurial scene in Chattanooga.  There are established, new, and cutting-edge companies like Ambition and Skuid that offer unique SaaS platforms that integrate with Salesforce.  There’s also room for new entrepreneurs and Chattanooga’s CoLab is an excellent place for entrepreneurial startups to get started.  You would be remiss to not also include the City itself as very entrepreneurial.  In 2010, the City of Chattanooga transformed itself into a high-speed gigabit internet city.  Yes, little ole Chattanooga beat out all the other cities in the U.S. to do this first! Not bad Chattanooga, not bad.

Work, work, work, but what about the fun!?!?!?!?

If you think about it, you spend a lot of time with the people you work with.  If you divide your day up into thirds, you spend 8 hours at work, 8 hours outside of work, and 8 hours sleeping.  Maybe you can adjust each category by a few hours here or there, but you are spending a lot of time with people you work with.  How well do you know your coworkers? Do you enjoy working with them? What are they like when they’re not working? What kind of relationship do you have with your boss?

Today’s workforce is not like yesterday’s workforce.  Employees come at a higher price these days. It used to be that the financial rewards of employment were all that was required to have satisfied employees, but now it takes a lot more to keep your employees happy and satisfied.  And let’s be honest, it just makes sense to have a happy and healthy culture at work. A focused and happy employee is a lot more profitable and productive than an employee who is uninterested and disengaged from their work. If you’re happy and having fun, good things happen, and Pints and Pedals can help plan your next corporate team building activity in Chattanooga!

Booking a bicycle bar tour with Pints and Pedals for team building purposes can have some huge benefits!

  • Blow off stress from a hard week, month, quarter or year!
  • Celebrate success with your team
  • Enhance your team’s ability to relate to one another
  • Experiences outside of work will help strengthen the at-work bonds
  • See what your boss is like after a few beers

Pints and Pedals now has the ability to pick you up at work for any company located in the downtown radius.  This is perfect for taking advantage of an afternoon off from work or just to take advantage of happy hours typically found in the afternoons.  Of course, Pints and Pedals can also be waiting for you right outside your office once 5 pm hits. Bring a change of clothes if needed and be ready to go explore the Chattanooga bars and breweries during a fun team building experience!

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