Private Tours – $325

A Private tour means you want to rent the bike for just your group.  No outsiders allowed!  Private rentals run $325.  $30 discount Sunday – Thursday.

Public Tours – $30

A public tour just means you are paying per seat and are open to interacting with other people.  What a great way to meet new people! Public tours are $30 per seat. A $5 discount is applied for tours Sunday – Thursday.

Because these tours are booked per seat, it is possible we don’t have enough people to pedal the bike!  If a public tour does not reach a minimum of 6 people 4 hours before your tour, all bookings will automatically be refunded. 

If you book in advance and your tour has 5 or less people 2-3 days before the scheduled tour, we will contact you to explore your options.  Those options are:

  • Reschedule for a later date
  • Combine with another tour at a different time (If possible)
  • Full Refund


On a custom tour, you can do pretty much whatever you want… as long as it’s legal.  We provide greater flexibility on tours for a higher charge.  Some examples include:

  • 3 hour tour
  • Custom start and stop locations (hotels, homes, restaurants, corporate locations, etc)
  • VIP Events – 1 hour tour that drops you off at an event (dinner, concert, party, etc) Followed by a 1 hour tour after the event.  Completely custom setup by you!


Partner tours are still in development.  We will be announcing more details about our partners and tours with them soon.

***  Pricing listed above does not include taxes and booking fee.