Date Night

Ok Chattanooga, summer is here and we want to help introduce some of that Tennessee heat into your dating life!  Fellas, your girl likes to have fun, so check out some Chattanooga date ideas below and introduce something new!


If you’re the hiking, trailblazing, climbing, or biking type, there’s really only one website you need to hit up:  Rootsrated. This is the most comprehensive and organized site we know of that has great information and has a high likelihood of having an outdoor activity you have never done before.  Even if you’re new to some of these activities, it’s guaranteed to be a uniquely enjoyable experience exploring and trying something new. Trying new things, feeling vulnerable, and exposing yourself is a major driver in the chemistry of attraction. So get outside with your significant other this summer, soak up some Vitamin D, try something new, and fall in love under the Tennessee sun!

Classic Chattanooga Or New Chattanooga – Both are good!

Not the planning type? No worries! Thankfully Chattanooga has enough cool things going on that you can pretty much just pick an area of town to hang out in and you’ll find something to do. We divide Chattanooga up into old and new. Here are a few of our recommendations for dates in each part of town!

Classic Chattanooga would include hanging out around the Aquarium, Riverwalk, and Coolidge Park North Shore areas.  This area is what kickstarted Chattanooga’s growth into being more downtown friendly; it’s also a common place to see couples hanging out. Classic Chattanooga makes for a beautiful place to walk with your love – between the scenery and all of the commotion – this part of town is about as romantic as it gets.

We recommend starting the evening at the Boathouse for early dinner then walking down the Riverwalk into downtown.  Perhaps you’ll catch a sunset or hear live music on the river, but make sure you don’t miss the ice cream shop at the beginning of the walking bridge! If you’re looking for something more “all in one” you might consider the Southern Belle nightly cruises with an evening stroll afterwards.

New Chattanooga is what we refer to as the Southside MLK areas.  Lots of investments and new restaurants and venues have been popping up over the past 3 years and it just keeps growing.  You could plan a nice dinner at Alleia Restaurant in Southside then walk the strip at Station Street and find plenty of cool bars, restaurants and entertainment to enjoy.  Station Street is connected to the renovated Chattanooga Choo Choo which features two restaurants/bars inside the building and an old rail car that’s been converted into a Tap room.  Down a little further is the Martin Luther King strip that has breweries popping up all over the place.  Two notable mentions are Odd Story Brewing Company and Hutton Smith.  But you really can’t go wrong with some Champy’s Chicken – a true Chattanooga thing to do!

Of course the best part about New Chattanooga is Pints and Pedals!  If you want to take the fun to the next level, then you need to book with Pints and Pedals on a public tour.  We can connect you to all the places mentioned in Southside and MLK and it’s practically guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face.  If new and exciting experiences are what you are looking for then this is it! We just recently upgraded our party bike to include more advanced lights (think lots of colors and strobe affect), a subwoofer (why didn’t we have this earlier?) and new cushy gel seat covers to make sure you’re comfortable.  The pedaling is super easy and we promise you won’t break a sweat. Pints and Pedals is a BYOB event but you can purchase your beer across the street from our start location. We provide the cooler with ice along with the ever so important Red Solo Cups (Thanks Toby Keith)

Be sure to check out for a full list of fun Things to Do in Chattanooga and plan your own experience.

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