Getting all geared up for your pedal bar tour with Chattanooga Pints and Pedals or just starting to think about planning a trip? Either way, read on below to get all of your questions answered from where to sign the waiver to what downtown Chattanooga bars and breweries we will be hitting up!

Weather Policy

For whatever reason, the weather man gets it wrong in Chattanooga a lot!  Maybe it’s the mountains?  Show up unless you have heard from us otherwise.

Generally, if there is no lighting and the rain isn’t coming in sideways, THE SHOW WILL GO ON.  Other than the bench seat, you are covered under the bike.  You can bring an umbrella if you want.

If YOU cancel the tour because of the weatherman’s forecast, you can do so 6 days before the tour for a full refund.

If Pints and Pedals cancels your tour due to weather, it will be 1 hour or sooner before the tour starts and you will get the option of a refund or reschedule.  You will need to reference your booking ID if you reschedule.

If you show up to the tour and it’s agreed upon between guests and the tour guide that it is too dangerous to go out, you have some options.

  1. Visit a local bar/restaurant and wait the storm out.  Check with your driver to see if that’s an option, we don’t want to interfere with other tours.
  2. Cancel the tour and reschedule.
  3. Cancel and be fully refunded

Click this link to get direct directions to Pints and Pedals via google maps.  If that fails, google State of Confusion we load and unload next to State of Confusion but we are not affiliated with them.  WE DO NOT HAVE A PHYSICAL STORE FRONT.

BYOCB (Bring Your Own CANNED Beer)

Currently no wine or liquor is allowed ? City rules …but we are working on this!  NO GLASS!

Photo ID required.

Must be 21 to ride.  Per city code if a rider is under 21 no alcohol can be consumed on the pedal bike.  Photo ID must match the name signed on the waiver.

How many seats?

There are 10 pedal seats, 2 non-pedal seats and a 3 person non-pedaling bench for a total of 15 spots.  Click on the bike section on our website to get a better visual.

What should I bring?

We provide the cooler and ice to keep your canned beer cold.  We also provide cups as your canned beer must be consumed in a plastic cup on the tour.  We have a sound system you can hook your smartphones up to and play your own music.  Oh ya, and bring the party!

Play that funky music.

We encourage you to customize your Pints and Pedals experience by bringing your Smartphone to play the music of your choice.

How long is that tour?

Tours go approximately 2 hours.  If your tour goes longer, it probably means the tour guide likes you!  Show some tip love!  See custom tour section if you wish to modify the tour length.

Yes ladies, there is room for you to store your purse and coats on the bike.

We got you covered.

I’m running late, what should I do?

All tours start and stop on time.  If you are running late, you are welcome to join us once the bike is stopped at the first bar / restaurant, which is usually somewhere on the newly renovated Station Street.  If not there, try Urban Stack or Clydes.  Google is your friend.  No Partial refunds will be issued if you join the tour after it has already started.

Do I really have to pedal?

YES!  But this is the easiest bike you have ever pedaled we guarantee it!  Won't even break a sweat!

What is the total distance I will go?

There will be several stops throughout your tour on your bike route.  You will pedal no further then 1.5 miles total trip.  Yeah, you can do this!

Where do you go on the tour?

That is entirely up to you or you can trust your tour guide to steer you in the right direction.  Tours stay in the Southside Chattanooga area and we frequently visit: The Flying Squirrel, Hush Lounge, Terminal Brewhouse, Stir, Frothy Monkey, Urban Stack, Coyote Jacks, Clydes on Main & the Feed.  Typically we will stop at 2 – 3 places.  The length of the stay at each establishment is between the group and the tour guide.

Drinks ordered at bars and restaurants CANNOT be brought onto the bike.

Per city code drinks ordered at bars are not allowed to be brought onto the bike.  Ask for your tab when you order your drink so there is no delays getting back on the bike.

Can I sign your waiver in advance?

YES!  This is the preferred method.  Once you sign up for a tour, a link will be provided for you to sign the waiver.  If you paid for more than 1 person, please forward the e-mail or link to them so they can sign in advance.  If your ready to sign now click here

Can I decorate the bike?

Absolutely!  For Private tours only.  Just let us know in advance and show up 30 minutes early to decorate.​

Do I need Cash?

Tours are booked with credit cards only.  Cash will not be accepted to book a tour.  Drivers do accept cash for tips.  If they did a great job and you had fun, show them some love!  If you forget the cash for a tip no problem, our drivers can accept tips on venmo.  Check it out here.

What happens at the end of the tour?

Once you step off the bike, you are done drinking.  Any unopened beer cans will be returned to you.  Any open cans will not.  Please dispose of your trash in the trash can provided.

What is the cancellation policy?

No refunds will be given for cancellations within 6 days of the tour.